Coaching for meaning

This book is a translation of a bestsetlling management book originally published in French. Its focus is upon the concept of the leader as a bearer of meaning and purpose within the organisation, and the significance of this for coaching and team-building. Being a manager who is the bearer of meaning' implies being able to answer the question 'for what?'.

Meaning in this context refers to the objectives, the values and the culture of the company. It unites individual and collective dynamics through a shared vision.

The author presents tools for the development of managers as coaches and models for how to achieve this. For a manager, coaching is a practice and a philosophy. Managers learn to enhance their role in the hierarchy and turn themselves into a trainer who supports a champion. They embark on team building to consolidate its cohesion and dynamism. 

This is a seminal work on coaching and team building in relation to the culture of the company, the board and the individual, written by a leading practioner.

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Title : Coaching for Meaning

Writer : Vincent Lenhardt

Publisher : Palgrave-MacMillan

Number of pages : 336 pages.

ISBN : 9781403902252

List price : 61€

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