Transformational Leadership


During the mid 90s Alain Godard helped to bring about a remarkable change of fortunes for the pharmaceuticals giant, Rhône-Poulenc. This is the story of how he and his team used trust, commitment and imagination and what at the time appreared to be risky tactics to turn around the company following its merger with Union Carbide Agrochemicals. With coverage of innovative new business systems including Godard's 'Simplify, Decentralise, Manage' programme, this book will be of great value to all leaders and managers facing challenges in business.


Content :

Launch and Accompaniment
Re-examination of Events
Stakes and Convictions
Personal Motives
From Order and Obedience to Co-responsibility
Development of Teams
Managerial Responsibility



ALAIN GODARD was President of Rhône-Poulenc, now Aventis, and was voted Manager of the Year by Le Nouvel Economiste for the spectacular turnaround described in this book.

VINCENT LENHARDT is a well known consultant and former President of the French Transactional Analysis Association.

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Title :Transformational Leadership

Authors : Alain Godard and Vincent Lenhardt

Publisher :palgrave macmillan

Nombre de pages : 160 pages.

ISBN :  9780333928998

Prix : 76€

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